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SubjectRe: Is this the correct list for NFS probs (2.2.x kernels) ?
On Thu, 20 May 1999, G. Allen Morris III wrote:

> > Since the NFS stuff was moved into kernel-space, there has been a
> > significant increase in tasks freezing due to NFS being device-locked.
> > This can be easily reproduced by mounting a remote system, then shutting
> > down that remote system without unmounting it.
> I think that this is normal behavior. You might want to add `soft' or
> `intr' to your mount options to solve this problem.

I concur. This sounds correct.

There is an old (possibly made up) story about a user at an university who
typed an 'ls' on an NFS mounted volume on a workstation just as the
mainframe UNIX system died, and locked. The story goes that the mainframe
REALLY died, and had to be shipped in twenty boxes back to the
manufacturer. Once there they were reeassembed, fixed, tested, had the
system restored from tape, broken down again, reshipped back to the
University and reassembed.

The story finishes that when the switch was flipped back on, and the
system booted, the 'ls' command finished, 1 month after it was typed,
since the workstation was never restarted or shutdown.

Take it for what it's worth....


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