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SubjectRe: NFS hangs under 2.2.6
Date (Cees de Groot) writes:

> Lines like these are in my logfile:
> May 13 09:06:25 dev-ltws-2 kernel: nfs: server not
> responding, still trying
> May 13 09:08:37 dev-ltws-2 kernel: nfs: RPC call returned error 111
> May 13 09:08:37 dev-ltws-2 kernel: RPC: task of released request still queued!
> May 13 09:08:37 dev-ltws-2 kernel: RPC: (task is on xprt_pending)

> said:
>> This is a VFAQ: Please run the portmapper when using NFS under
>> linux-2.2...

> SuSE always starts the portmapper when starting NFS, and as I'm using NIS as
> well I'd notice it if the portmapper were not available. The
> /etc/rc.d/nfsserver script refuses to run when the portmapper is not
> available. So I find it unlikely that that would be the case with my
> configuration.

> If it's a VFAQ, where's the FAQ? It's not my normal behavior to
> break in onto lists and post questions, but I couldn't find anything
> pertaining to my problem...

Oops, Sorry, you're right. I seem to be really getting confused
between NFS versions now. Does this occur with linux-2.2.8 or newer?

I think that error was part of the 'msg_controllen' corruption that
was fixed there. Certainly if you're seeing NFS packets arriving to
your client, there is no reason for the RPC layer to be returning
-ECONNREFUSED, so that indeed sounds like a corruption of the UDP

As for the VFAQ: there is no official FAQ so far, but the portmapper
thing is documented with extreme prejudice multiple times in
Dejanews. It wasn't the problem in your case, so please accept my
apologies for the somewhat brusque tone of my reply.


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