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SubjectRe: Keyboard
> 	From: Android <>
> How can you get an application to recognize those special Windows keys
> that the newer keyboards have (usually where the CTRL/ALT keys are)?
> man loadkeys
> My keyboard also has a special set of Internet keys, used for browser
> functions. Is there any way to get an app to see these as well? They don't
> generate scan codes, at least, not that I can determine.
> If they don't do anything I am afraid they won't be very useful.

Actually, they send out keycodes (Kinda obvious, if they didn't windoze
coudn't us them either.

On debian in /etc/kbd, I added this to
keycode 125 = Last_Console
keycode 126 = Decr_Console
keycode 127 = Incr_Console

125 = left window key
126 = right window key
127 = menu key

In X I have these keys setup differently. right window key is another 'alt'
key. the left window key is front/back (ie: sun), the menu key is just
that, the root menu.

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