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SubjectRe: [PATCH/DRIVER] /dev/changer

> See:
> Short:
> /dev/changer allows you to use+mount all the slots in a cd-changer.
> Long:
> Normally it isn't allowed to mount all the discs of a changer at once,
> that is because when you mount one slot you can't change to another
> anymore, because the cdrom gets locked.
> And ofcourse you'll have to unmount it and then you'll have to change
> discs by hand. Ok you could do this with a script... but what if you want
> to share the drives with NFS or Samba and you don't want people to have to
> hassle with the scripts... let alone when multiple people try...
> This little wrapper solves this problem.
> When it is loaded by the kernel it seeks in the Unified CdRom driver list
> and checks for changers (capacity>1&changable). It adds these devices to
> an changer-internal list, opens them and adds them to the changer-devices
> minor list. The devices changer:minor can then be mounted like any other
> normal cdrom device, as it acts like a single cdrom device...
> The other minors can also be mounted at the same time as the
> changer-wrapper will change to the appropriate slot when it needs access
> to it.

Ugh, not that I looked (I do not own a changer), but I wonder what
kind of hell two cat `find /` & on two different disks summon.

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