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SubjectRe: NFS hangs under 2.2.6

Cees de Groot wrote:
> said:
> > This is a VFAQ: Please run the portmapper when using NFS under
> > linux-2.2...
> If it's a VFAQ, where's the FAQ? It's not my normal behavior to break in onto
> lists and post questions, but I couldn't find anything pertaining to my
> problem...

I agree. I also think that it is undesirable to have to run portmapper
on a client system. I am quite careful (for security reasons) not to
run chunks of code that act as network servers (like the portmapper).
Anyway, it seems that if you are prepared to wait out the timeout, then
NFS works anyway.

I'd certainly like to know if there was a mount option so that I could
disable this behaviour.


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