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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Bug in mremap
>>>>> "WG" == Wolfram Gloger <> writes:

>> While preparing a patch for 2.3, I happened to notice that
>> mremap (if it moves the mapping changes the offset into whats mapped)!
>> It does this with got 2.2.9 & 2.0.32.
>> - new_vma->vm_offset = vma->vm_offset + (addr - vma->vm_start);

WG> The original looks correct to me. If you remap the `complete' VMA,
WG> (addr - vma->vm_start) will be zero and the offset will remain
WG> unchanged. If however, you remap only the trailing part of a file
WG> VMA, the new offset will have to be adjusted by a positive value. Am
WG> I missing sth ?

No I was:
I was reading:
new_vma->vm_offset = vma->vm_offset + (new_addr - vma->vm_start)
Which is wrong, what is there is correct. Egg on my face!
So I retract my patch.


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