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SubjectRe: NFS hangs under 2.2.6
Date said:
> Does this occur with linux-2.2.8 or newer?

It occurred with 2.2.8. Sorry that I don't recall where I ran tcpdump, but I
saw NFS packets flowing so they certainly made it past the stack on the server
side down to the card level. I still have 2.2.8 in the client's lilo.conf, so
if you have specific tests you want me to run, drop me a note.

> but the portmapper thing is documented with extreme prejudice
> multiple times in Dejanews. It wasn't the problem in your case, so
> please accept my apologies for the somewhat brusque tone of my reply.

Hmm. Probably need to refine my Deja search technique. Don't worry about your
tone, I was raised in the Rotterdam harbour area and have an extremely thick
skin ;-)


Cees de Groot <>

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