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SubjectRe: VGA console fonts corrupted
Followup to:  <435C366F075ED211B12200204840172D703F2A@PETITSUIX>
By author: BROWN Nick <>
In newsgroup:
> Kernel 2.2.7 on standard PC, VGA text mode console, Virge/DX video card.
> Yesterday I noticed that the shape of several letters were trashed on the
> console. On investigation I found that the characters affected were
> - that is, 40 through 4F hex. Had to reboot to get things back to normal.
> I presume that something had trashed the video card's character generator
> memory.
> Two possible culprits:
> 1) Crashme was running
> 2) I had done "kill -9" on the X server, which occasionally leads to a
> second or two of screen fireworks

kill -9 on the X server, definitely.

"The user's computer downloads the ActiveX code and simulates a 'Blue
Screen' crash, a generally benign event most users are familiar with
and that would not necessarily arouse suspicions."
-- Security exploit description on

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