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Subject[OT**n] RE: Linux name in BAD taste
	>The site has a home page
>with extremely vulgar language. This is definatly
>not the image that should be associated with linux.

Hmmm. I just connected to that site and:

1) No vulgar language I could see - a bit of dubious grammar, perhaps.
Looks like the site was made "the right way" (with vi).

2) I would hope that the open source community, of all people, won't get
involved in the domain name legal wars that, for example, Microsoft have
been playing (eg, making change their name), or the stupid
second-guess games whereby Chase, for example, registered to
stop others doing it.

Anyway, surely the worst that can happen if someone finds an unacceptable
site is that they refuse to hand over good money for such a shameful
product. Maybe they might even decide to copy it and give it to their
friends, to deprive the evil Linux Corporation of further revenue. That
would be terrible !

Nick Brown, Strasbourg, France (Nick(dot)Brown(at)coe(dot)int)


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