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Subjectcapability set reference...
Hope this helps.

(NOTE: this is general privilege set mathematics, may not apply
to linux yet.)

P being process permitted set
E being process effective set
I being process inheritable set
S being process saved set

A being files allowed set
F being files forced set
0 being the empty privilege set

P=E=(I[parent process] unioned with F[program] restricted by A[program])

I[child process] = I[parent process]

S=(I[parent process] intersected by A[program])

When effective UID is changed from the original:
S=E and then E = 0

When/if effective UID is changed back to original:
E = S


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Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc. fax: (703) 318-5041
13873 Park Center Rd. Suite 225 email:
Herndon, VA 20171

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