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SubjectAnnoying GPL issues

What do you think about this ? I think it is dangerous to let some companies
such as M-Systems or IGEL infringing the GPL.

[M-systems provides binary only Linux drivers which are statically linked to
the kernel (because there are needed to boot). They simulate a block device
with flash memory ("disk-on-chip") using proprietary and patented algorithms.
At least one company (IGEL) is using them in commercial Linux based products.]

Richard Stallman wrote:
> > I agree. But the M-systems drivers are NOT MODULES. They are STATICALLY
> > to the kernel. So this is clearly illegal according to the GPL. I think
> > Richard Stallman may be interested to hear that.

> That is clearly a violation of the GPL. However, the FSF can't
> do anything to enforce the terms for using Linux, because only
> the copyright holders of Linux have legal standing to do that.
> My interpretation of the GPL is that it covers dynamically loaded
> modules as well as statically-linked code. However, since it's up to
> the copyright holders of Linux to enforce the GPL for Linux, if they
> say proprietary dynamic modules are permitted, nobody else can object.

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