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SubjectRe: S3 Frame Buffer
On Wed, May 19, 1999 at 03:31:24AM +0000, wrote:
> attn:Kernel Linux
> from:Rajan Senthil
> hi,
> I applied the S3 Frame Buffer patch against 2.3.2, it works great,
> I see my penguin logo!, but still can be improved like Solaris
> (white bg and logo at the bottom and/or animated logo while
> loading). I will try.

Cool. And maybe it would be cool to use for text only a part of screen under fbcon.
It would allow me to create the feeling of boot an SGI (background, a centered
window, and messages in the window). But fbcon background images denies
fast hw scrollback or something, I think ...

And easier method to change boot logo ...

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