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Subjectis Linux obsolete?

may be this question is off-topic. I'm somewhat of a newbie to this
kernel development thing, so excuse my ignorance still, I think it may be
an interesting issue for people to think about.

I stumbled at the discussion that happened between Linus and Prof.
Tanenbaum in 1992 (some people here probably where there at that time,
yesterday was the first time I read it). Hylarious predictions aside
(Prof. Tanenbaum predicted that in 1997 everybody would be running GNU
HURD in their 200 MIPS, 64M Sparcstation-5 :) there was a lot being said
about monolithic kernels vs microkernels. I noticed most OSes being
developed today are microkernel based, e. g. Windows NT, GNU HURD, BeOS...
Looking at this, and realizing that Linux IS based on a system which is
30 years old I ask the following question: How viable is Linux? Are we
(well, I mean you, because, as much as I would like, I haven't contributed
anything to the kernel yet) going in the right directions?
Please understand I am not intending to insult any of you in any way
whatsoever, as I am a Linux user and thank you all for everything you have
made possible. I am just asking a question (a pertinent one, in my newbie's
eyes). Is Linux going the right way? Not only the issue about monolithic
vs microkernel etc, etc, as I don't even understand fully both concepts,
but I ask this as a general issue. Even though Linux is having a lot of
success, even though it's stable and fast, etc, is it going in the right
If this is just too stupid, please just ignore it.



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