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SubjectRe: 2.2.9 stability issues?
On Thu, 20 May 1999, Tim Waugh wrote:

> On Wed, 19 May 1999, Chris Ricker wrote:
> > Anyone else have stability problems with 2.2.9? I've had it die twice in
> > the past 12 hours under fairly light load (network traffic only, basically).
> > I've gotten no errors, oopsen, etc. It just completely dies.
> Do you have magic sysreq compiled in?

Yes, but the box is *completely* dead--no magic keys, no ping response, no
scrollback, no anything.

Here's an update. One of the crashes yesterday actually put an Oops on the
screen. Unfortunately, the console was already hosed, so I could only read
the top part of it:

kernel null dereference @ 0000001c

current -> tss.cr3 = 00101000,
%cr3 = 00101000
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0002
Cpu: 0
EIP: 0010:[<c0124e7a>]
EFLAGS: 00010246

c0124e7a, from, appears to be c0124edc, which is find_buffer.
That could make sense, I guess, because the last message on the console
before that crash appears to be:

Attempt to refile free buffer

which is from fs/buffer.c....

Sorry I don't have a complete Oops that might actually let people do
something. I'm leaving town tomorrow, but when I get back, if it's still
crashing, I'll hook up a printer to the serial console and see if that lets
me actually catch anything.


Chris Ricker

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