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Subjectgettimeofday stuttering

Hi all,

Are there any known gettimeofday() problems in the 2.2.x series? I'm
getting some jittering in my semi-realtime app which I didn't get with
2.0.x. Actually, I *didn't* get the problem with 2.2.5+libc5, but my
recent system upgrade (Caldera 2.2) which is 2.2.5+glibc2.1 is giving me
problems for two different apps that use gettimeofday(); Ulrich Drepper
(glibc 2.1 maintainer at Cygnus) informed me that gettimeofday() is little
more than a wrapper for a system call.

I've yet to produce a small test app which shows the problem - it's
very minor and therefore hard to pin down - but I was wondering if anyone
else has seen this or if there is a fix in a new version. (I didn't see
anything in the changelogs, but..)

Any help much appreciated. I normally wouldn't beg from help in a public
place this way until I investigated the problem further, but I'm getting
into a bit of a time crunch as I'm demoing this app to my company's CEO
soon (I've already had them push it back a week to give me time to resolve
this issue), and part of my pitch is why we will be using Linux as our
target platform. It'll be hard to do that while there's an issue like
this: I suppose at worst I can break out my copy of Suse 5.3 and demo it
on a 2.0/libc5-based system, but I'd rather not. :)

(As a side note, I did 100% of my development for my last project, 'Savage
Quest', on Linux+egcs+gdb. It's currently shipping to arcades all over
the US. The final machine is running DOS, unfortunately. We pushed hard
for Linux but politics with our funding prevented it from happening.)


Adam Wiggins
Angel Studios

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