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SubjectRe: file locking over NFS in 2.2.7
Dans mail.linux.kernel, Trond Myklebust  écrit :

>File locking is not supported by the userland nfsd. If you want true
>file locking, use knfsd. 2.0.x kernels supported local file locks
>only: this is why they 'worked' (not at all), and 2.2.x will do the
>same if you use the 'nolock' mount option.

What about the case where a partition on a Linux server is mounted
by a Solaris client? Solaris does not have a 'nolock' option for
NFS mounts, and some software (eg Sendmail 8.9.3) insist on doing
some sort of locking (Sendmail will always use either fcntl or lockf).
It looks to me that knfsd is not quite stable yet, so I'm reluctant
to move my production machines to it.


Thomas.Quinot@Cuivre.FR.EU.ORG <URL:>

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