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SubjectLockup on 2.2.7: wait_on_bh, irq 1(smp)
The machine had not even been running the kernel for a day yet, when it got
the following error msg:
wait_on_bh cpu 0:
irq: 1 [0 1]
bh: 1 [0 0]
<[c010badd]> <[c014b059]> <[c010bebe]> <[c0109a20]>
This msg was being repeated at long intervals, and had repeated 5 times when I
got to the console.

c010baa0 T synchronize_bh
c010baf0 T synchronize_irq

c014b044 T dev_queue_xmit
c014b10c t dev_clear_backlog

c010be6c T do_IRQ
c010bec8 T setup_x86_irq

c0109a20 T ret_from_intr

If I can provide any more info, then please tell me.


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