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SubjectRe: Problem w/IP_MASQ & ssh/telnet?
> I'm having problems with what I believe is IP_MASQ and ssh/telnet...  If I
> open a telnet or ssh session to my server behind my ip_masq box, it
> disconnects me after and some idle time. I haven't timed it so I'm not sure
> if it is the same all the time. If I do tail -f /some/file and leave it it
> won't connect me as long as data comes through, or if I'm in ncftp
> downloading something or wget. I'm using 2.2.3 on my masq server.

See this myself. SCMIIW (Someone Correct Me If I'm Wrong <g>), but the
kernel has a 15 minute timeout. What happens is the masq box just drops
the masq entry and causes the connection to be dropped as well.

run ipchains -M -L
that will show you what connections are masq'd and will also tell you when
they will expire (if no more data is sent over the connection).

IMHO, this is better than the way some m$ proxy server does it... I used
rtelnet to connect from work to home, after about 10 minutes, if I didn't
send anything out, it would drop the connection (Doesn't matter if tail or
whatnot is running)

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