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Subjectpossible SMP-race, 2.2.9 & 2.3.3
__global_cli() cannot stop the other processors if it is called with
interrupts disabled.

> A global "cli()" while in an interrupts context turns
> into just a local cli(). Interrupts should use a spinlock
> for the (very unlikely) case they ever want to protect
> against each other.

I've added a check for that event (__global_cli() called with IF
cleared), and this happens often.
Do we have to fix that? (i.e. convert the callers from __global_cli() to
a spinlock?)

I've found one codpath:
-> ide_end_request(): acquires io_request_lock, clear local interrupts.
-> calls end_that_request_first()
-> calls end_buffer_io_async() <<<<<<<<<< calls cli(), needs global


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