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Subject2.3.3_andrea2 & 2.2.9_andrea1 [was Re: Bad apache perfomance wtih linux SMP]
On Mon, 17 May 1999, Juergen Schmidt wrote:

>I'm measuring plain HTTP-GET on a static html-file with 8
>(Linux-)clients each running up to 64 processes (for a total of 512)
>doing HTTP-GET-requests in a tight loop. All files come from a partition
>on the RAID-array (RAID 5) which is used for logging, too. File size is
>4KByte (I measured 1k and 8k with similar results).

I did a new 2.2.9_andrea1.bz2 just for you. I would be glad if you would
try to benchmark it and compare it with the stock 2.2.9 kernel for
web-serving or everything else purposes (mainly in SMP). There's all my
new VM/buffers/SMP-scheduler/simple-wake-one/etc..etc.. stuff included
(NOTE: the unlock_kernel-during-memcpy thing suggested by Andi in an email
of this thread is _not_ included in my patch, so you may want to add it by
hand in a _secondary_ benchmark stage).

If you'll run a benchmark also over 2.3.x you may give a try also to
2.3.3_andrea2.bz2 (that is the equivalent of 2.2.9_andrea1 but against
the unstable branch).

To compile it just apply it and run `make oldconfig'. Say N for the kernel
lock profiling (to not lose one bit of performances in getting a bit more
of info). Then make dep clean and go ahead.

Thanks :-).

As usual there are the two mirrors of the /pub/andrea sub-tree at:
(Italy, Thanks to guys)
(Brazil, Thanks to Edesio Costa e Silva <>, 2MBits/sec)

Andrea Arcangeli

PS. Don't forget to make sure that apache is sleeping in accept(2) and
_not_ in flock(2), just run strace -p `pid of one apache child` to know
where it's sleeping. If it's sleeping in flock(2) you must recompile it
with the option to sleep in accept.

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