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SubjectRe: Printer and Zip drive don't work together.
Steffen Kluge wrote:
> On Tue, May 18, 1999 at 09:58:43PM -0500, Matthew Vanecek wrote:
> > Well, I just tried it with a different Zip drive. I switched cables
> > around, too. The zip drives both work fine. I can mount, read, write,
> > whatever, zip disks. But the pass-through refuses to work. The
> > printer seems like it's not connected. Then I unplug the Zip drive,
> > and plug the printer in, and voila!, the print queue starts spewing
> > forth in paper form.
> >
> > It's definitely not a hardware problem. I tested both on my NT box,
> > and printing, etc, works just fine through the pass-through. My only
> > option left is to believe it's something messed up in the parport code.
> > Has it changed since 2.1.x? This same setup worked in 2.1.x (well,
> > the 90s, anyhow). I'll double-check the BIOS one more time to be sure
> > the port is set up right. Hopefully I will find something I've missed
> > in there.
> >
> > BTW, this happens on 2.2.6 - 2.2.9.
> FYI, I'm using a printer daisy-chained to a backpack CDROM drive
> and pass-through sort of works in 2.2.5-ac6. Sort of because I
> can access the CDROM or the printer, but not simultaneously. If
> I access the CDROM while printing, for example, the printer
> immediately stops.

Hmm, that's weird.

> I'm just relating this as anecdotal evidence that the
> pass-through code is not entirely broken. Heck, maybe even
> simultaneous access works and I'm only doing something wrong
> (e.g. the lp driver uses irq 7 while the paride/bpck/pcd modules
> appear to be polling in 4bit mode...)

Not sure what happened. When I used 2.1.x series, the parport code
worked great. I was printing and writing to my zip at the same time,
and was in heaven. That was on a different, older machine, of course,
but would that make a major difference? It *shouldn't*, in my mind.

I've come to the end of my know-how on this one. I don't know how to
trace what's happening when the job get's sent to the print queue, and
from thence to the printer via the Zip drive.

> I'm about to re-subscribe to the parport mailing list, but how
> many mailing lists can one subscribe to before losing total
> control of incoming e-mail?
> Cheers
> Steffen.

Exactly. Procmail works wonders, of course, but still. I don't even
know they're list address. Not that I've looked very hard, but I didn't
know until yesterday that there *was* one.

Someone sent me some things to try configuring in the kernel, and I'm
going to double check that I've got those options enabled (yet again).
Let you know what happens.

Matthew Vanecek
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