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SubjectRe: CD-RW
On 17 May 1999, Pierfrancesco Caci wrote:

> >> I use to write my cd's by means of mkhybrid and cdrecord. This implies
> >> preparing a read-only image and then transferring it to a cd. Do you mean
> >> that exists other software that allows to write the image in r/w mode ?
> > Yes and no. Yes for Win95/NT, no for Linux. Adaptec DirectCD is
> > an example of packet writing using the UDF filesystem. Linux
> > support for UDF is not there yet...
>hmmm. I thought that DirectCD prepared a virtual image and then burnt
>it when finished....

It may do something like that, I have it but never used it. It
does use the UDF filesystem though regardless of how it
implements it...

>I've read about this packet writing somewhere in the documentation of
>cdrecord, and in the manual of my cdwriter. Where can I learn more
>about it?

Do a websearch for "UDF CDROM filesystem" or "UDF packet writing"
on any search engine. You'll come up with tonnes of stuff...

>Regarding UDF, is it the filesystem used on DVD ?

Yes, I believe it is used on DVD's for data as well.

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