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SubjectRe: Printer and Zip drive don't work together.
On Tue, May 18, 1999 at 09:58:43PM -0500, Matthew Vanecek wrote:
> Well, I just tried it with a different Zip drive. I switched cables
> around, too. The zip drives both work fine. I can mount, read, write,
> whatever, zip disks. But the pass-through refuses to work. The
> printer seems like it's not connected. Then I unplug the Zip drive,
> and plug the printer in, and voila!, the print queue starts spewing
> forth in paper form.
> It's definitely not a hardware problem. I tested both on my NT box,
> and printing, etc, works just fine through the pass-through. My only
> option left is to believe it's something messed up in the parport code.
> Has it changed since 2.1.x? This same setup worked in 2.1.x (well,
> the 90s, anyhow). I'll double-check the BIOS one more time to be sure
> the port is set up right. Hopefully I will find something I've missed
> in there.
> BTW, this happens on 2.2.6 - 2.2.9.

FYI, I'm using a printer daisy-chained to a backpack CDROM drive
and pass-through sort of works in 2.2.5-ac6. Sort of because I
can access the CDROM or the printer, but not simultaneously. If
I access the CDROM while printing, for example, the printer
immediately stops.

I'm just relating this as anecdotal evidence that the
pass-through code is not entirely broken. Heck, maybe even
simultaneous access works and I'm only doing something wrong
(e.g. the lp driver uses irq 7 while the paride/bpck/pcd modules
appear to be polling in 4bit mode...)

I'm about to re-subscribe to the parport mailing list, but how
many mailing lists can one subscribe to before losing total
control of incoming e-mail?


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