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SubjectRe: block-major-xx
On Sun, 16 May 1999 14:24:52 PDT, you wrote:

>Is block-major-8 an alias for a particular module name?
>If so, how can I find out the actual name.

It's not an alias, it's a request for a driver that handles block devices with
major number 8. Look into linux/Documentation/devices.txt and you will find
that block major 8 are SCSI disks. Now you'd have to find out what module
handles them, in this case it's sd.o . So in order to have them handled, you'd
need to add

alias block-major-8 sd

to /etc/conf.modules, or, if you don't need it

alias block-major-8 off

If you get this because you're trying to access a parallel zip drive, add

alias block-major-8 ppa


pre-install ppa insmod -k sd


You have moved your mouse. Windows must be rebooted for the
changes to take effect.

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