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Subjecteide-scsi module in 2.2

I searched up and down the internet, and I searched the howtos, I applied
"strings" on the module, and I tried to read the source. But I still dont

How do I specify which ide-drives to use in the eide-scsi emulation?

Background: I used eide-scsi integrated in the kernel in 2.0.36. With the
kernel param "idescsi=hdd" (or something like that) I got an addional
"scsi-host" with one drive attached - the HP8100 CD burner. Everything
worked fine.

Now I've got the 2.2 kernel and the eide-scsi.o module. I can modprobe it,
fine, but no drive shows in /proc/scsi/scsi.

Am I too stupid? Is it already too early in the morning? Help!

Yours, desperate, Christian Treczoks

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