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Who's idea was it start the work to make the granularity of the page
cache larger?

From what I can tell:
(a) It can save on finding multiple pages
(b) allows larger internal fragmentation of memory.
(c) Isn't needed if you just need a large chunk of the page
cache at a time. (It isn't hard to tie 2 or more pages to
together if you need to).

This is something I'm stumbling over porting patches for large
files in the page cache from 2.2.5 to to 2.3.3.

I guess if it's worth it I would like to talk with whoever is
responsible so we can coordinate our efforts.

Otherwise I would like this code dropped.

Non-page cache aligned mappings sound great until you
(a) squeeze the extra bits out of the vm_offset and make it an index
into the page cache, and
(b) realize you need more bits to say how far you are into a page.


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