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SubjectRe: A challenge to linux
Ramana Juvvadi <> writes:
> Pavel Machek <> writes:
> > Hi!
> >
> > Okay, then can show us we do not perform well enough in some hw
> > configurations. Let them. I'd like to see the results, anyway. They
> > may show we are 2 times slower than NT. In Microsoft's test I call it
> > good result.
> Why don't we propose an alternate hardware configuration instead of accepting
> the hardware they proposed. That way we project the image that we are
> not backing down, but we are laying down terms for a fair test.

Doesn't Mindcraft 3 (aka, Return of the Penguin) also have a single
CPU, 512 mb ram test too?

My main problem with their tests are the use of the Win95 clients
(now Windows NT), and the use of Apache for a static webserver speed
test (when Zeus has been shown to be up to 3 times faster serving
static pages). The test should also be run at a slightly less biased
site than ZD labs (though they have a lot to lose if they are shown
to be biased) using off the shelf hardware and production drivers.

If I had my way then the test would also include a water pistol
shootout between the Linux kernel team and the Microsoft board :-)

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