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SubjectRe: includes linux/lp.h or linux/wait.h inconsistent outside kernel
    From: Stanislav Brabec <>

compiling tunelp I have found inconsistency of headers __outside__ kernel.
The trouble is in skipping of definition wait_queue_head_t.

Following not works outside kernel:
#include <linux/lp.h>

Following works:
#define __KERNEL__
#include <linux/wait.h>
#undef __KERNEL__
#include <linux/lp.h>


As has been said already many times, anyone who uses
#include <linux/foo.h>
is going to be burnt.
Linux kernel headers are meant for the Linux kernel,
and each and every program in user space that uses them
*will* break sooner or later.


In this particular case I can tell you that tunelp.c includes
a private lp.h in util-linux-2.9s but that doesnt help you too
much since that has not been released yet. (This week..)
It also uses a private lp.h in andrea's tunelp, which is available now.


You can very easily fix it yourself by copying /usr/include/linux/lp.h
to a local directory and removing all structure definitions for the kernel,
keeping only the definitions of the manifest constants used by tunelp.

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