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SubjectRe: NFS Pb btw SUN and PCs
"M. Barthellemy" <> writes:

> I actually have a problem when copying large files (or directory)
> between a PC (PPro 200) and a SUN (Solaris 2.x)
> After 1 or 2 min of copy, I get this kind of message
> eth0: transmit timed out, Tx_status 88 status 2004 Tx FIFO room 180.
> nfs: server sem not responding, still trying
> nfs: task 2970 can't get a request slot
> nfs: task 2971 can't get a request slot
> nfs: task 2972 can't get a request slot

That's the sunrpc van Jacobson congestion control stuff again. I'm
hoping Linus et al will agree with me to kill it off at some
point. Now that we have NFS+RPC support over TCP we should really be
doing UDP without van J. like everybody else does.

In the meantime, try either Alan Cox's 'ac' series kernels, or the
NFSv3 patches to the kernel. Both have a fix to match the NFS writing
speed to the congestion in the RPC layer.

Alan's stuff can be found in the 'alan' subdirectory on The NFSv3 stuff can be found on:

Note: If you choose NFSv3, you'll also have to patch your 'mount'
program using the patch in the nfsv3-mount subdirectory at the above


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