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SubjectRe: andrea buffer code (2.2.9-C.gz)
On Wed, 19 May 1999, Manfred Spraul wrote:

>It seems there is a bug in your buffer code.
>if I start:
> #hdparm -t /dev/hda1
>then the kernel printk's:
> "invalidate_buffers(): b_count 1!"
>at the end of the hdparm.
>(around 10 messages)

Right, but the bug is the printk :-). You can safely ignore it. The old
code was simply ignoring inuse-buffers. Since I couldn't figure how the
kernel could recall invalidate_buffers with a mounted fs I added the
printk just to wait an harmless report like your one. Now I know it can
happens so I'll remove the printk from the next patches. (I'll also search
for where invalidate_buffers() got recalled). You can continue to use my
2.2.9-C patch safely all the time (just ignore such message while
accessing the rawblockdevice with an ext2 fs mounted at the same time).


>Then you have NT: They prove that if you decide everywhere 'scale'
>instead of 'effective', the result becomes bloated & not much faster.

If you want to save memory you must compile the kernel UP with a not-buggy
compiler. Then you won't waste memory.

Andrea Arcangeli

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