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SubjectRe: Problem w/IP_MASQ & ssh/telnet?
Justin Mecham said once upon a time (Mon, 17 May 1999):

> I'm having problems with what I believe is IP_MASQ and ssh/telnet... If I
> open a telnet or ssh session to my server behind my ip_masq box, it
> disconnects me after and some idle time. I haven't timed it so I'm not sure
> if it is the same all the time. If I do tail -f /some/file and leave it it
> won't connect me as long as data comes through, or if I'm in ncftp
> downloading something or wget. I'm using 2.2.3 on my masq server.

man ipchains

-S, --set tcp tcpfin udp
Change the timeout values used for masquerading. This
command always takes 3 parameters, representing the
timeout values (in seconds) for TCP sessions, TCP sessions
after receiving a FIN packet, and UDP packets, respectively.
A timeout value 0 means that the current timeout value of
the corresponding entry is preserved. This option is only
allowed in combination with the -M flag.

Dax Kelson

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