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SubjectMy 2 cent suggestion for 2.3.x
I am not certain if this has found its way into the tree yet.  I have gotten 
bitten by it in the 2.0.x tree and have not seen anything about it being added
in the 2.2.x or 2.3.x trees. If it has, or I am describing something that has
been fixed already, then ignore me and just go on about your business.


You have a stock install and/or rebuild the kernel without changing kernel
versions. A driver was originally compiled as a module, but is now compiled
directly into the kernel. The module is still in the modules directory for
the kernel because the user did not clean it out or some sort of default is
forcing it to use that directory. Opon boot, the kernel tries to use both the
module and the internal code for the same device causing major chokeage. I
have run into this on SCSI drivers more than once. (I am not certain if any
other drivers die in quite the same manner.)

What I see as part of the module load process is some sort of check to say "Is
this function already in the kernel? If not, don't load it."

I know what to look for when this happens, but I have seen a few other users
greatly confused and concerned when it happens to them. (And I don't blame
them from being frustrated. Unfortunatly frustration brings assignment of
blame. "And It's Your Fault!!!")

And no, I don't have a patch for this. Yet.

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