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    SubjectRe: K6 and mtrr support
    "W. Michael Petullo" wrote:
    > I was wondering what the hold up is on merging the K6 mtrr support in the
    > ac kernel series with the mainstream kernel sources? This feature has
    > been in the ac kernels for a while, but it does not appear to be in
    > the mainstream as of 2.2.7. Anybody know when this will happen?
    > --
    > W. Michael Petullo

    Let me add my cry to the clamor. It works, it doesn't cause my K6 to
    crash; I've experience no oopses with it. In short my computer runs
    just as well as, if not better than, it did before. It's just a matter
    of applying the patch, as far as I can tell. So is there a reason why
    Linus continues to put it off?

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