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SubjectRe: Great News!! Was: [RFT] 2.2.8_andrea1 wake-one

Hi Andrea,

Your 2.2.8 patch really helps apache performance on a single cpu system,
but there is really no performance improvement on a 2 cpu SMP system.

I'm running Webstone 2.5 file tests on a DP264. Basically, Linux SMP
without your patches gets maybe 5% better performance with 2 CPUs compared
to only 1 CPU. With your 2.2.8 patches, single CPU performance increases
about 14%, approaching Tru64 Unix performance levels on the same
hardware. (Phil says he's seen the same with SpecWeb). However, there
is no improvement with 2 CPUs. The only thing I see for the better
(I can't Iprobe - it's not yet ported to EV6) is that user mode,
as reported by vmstat, goes from about 18-19% to 23-24% (no patches vs
your 2.2.8 patch).


Larry Sendlosky AMT (978) 506-6640 Compaq

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