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    SubjectRe: Capabilities done right [diff against 2.3.1]

    On Mon, 17 May 1999, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
    > My big question with Pavel's patches is that if you're just dropping
    > privileges, why not just do it programmatically in the program?

    Maybe because it's often impossible without writing a new program?

    Let me you all an example. Let's say that I installed a fresh copy of
    Linux, and I want to run program xxx as root, but I don't quite trust it
    enough to do everything, so I want to drop certain privileges. How do I do

    With ELF notes, there's not a way in hell I do that without compiling up
    my own program. That may be acceptable to engineers, but it sure as hell
    doesn't make sense, and it sure isn't very friendly.

    I can't change the program - that would defeat the whole idea of having an
    easy standard install and wanting to do something special. Again, even if
    I had source, it wouldn't really be anything you call "user-friendly".

    I =could= have a simple shell-script or other thing that just drops the
    privs. Problem solved.

    In short, a wrapper thing is needed. That wrapper could be a ELF
    executable, and that's the simple approach, but it's not the NICE

    And anything that requires me to compile anything as a MIS person is
    basically not acceptable. Remember what =users= are? They are the kind of
    people that want to use the system, and not care about the technical
    issues. They are the kind of people who say "Ok, I want to make sure this
    program doesn't do anything bad, how do I do that" on the newsgroup, and
    sending them a patch to change the source code to the program is only
    going to make them (justifiably) irritated.


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