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SubjectRe: Deletion of big files...
On Mon, 17 May 1999, Alexander Viro wrote:

> Hell knows. I can see one thing where it would be a clear win - if we
> are deep down on free blocks we will be better off taking them from
> the queue instead of searching through bitmaps. This would require a
> bit different eater on the blocks queue (different behaviour when fs
> is low on free space; instead of marking blocks free put them into the
> small cache where they can be found fast; finding free block would
> involve checking the cache if we are low on free blocks).

Why not just queue them onto a kernel thread (i.e krmd) and let it delete
the files when the system is idle?

When a user deletes the files, they do disappear, they just get reassigned
to krmd and that's it as far as the user is concerned. krmd wakes up at a
suitable free moment and deletes the queued stuff (maybe we can use the
timeslice interval to delete n amount of stuff and the go back to sleep,
wake up again delete another n amount).


"For some of us, horror movies ARE comedies. Doctor Giggles comes to mind"
- Alex Buell, May 1999.

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