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SubjectRe: [Godwin] Re: Kernel Nazis/LinBSD (was Re: Slashdot shitheads)
On Sat, 15 May 1999, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:
> Most people are busy.

I know it and this is the reason I did not insist.

> Most people don't understand the buffers/cache stuff.

The theory is quite easy (I am teaching OS since 1993), the practice is

> Most people won't answer vague open-ended questions.

I asked mainly about shrink_mmap... Is it vague?

> Most people won't RTFM for you.

I did not find shrink_mmap in any "nice manual". Did you? Every day I am
reading all messages to linux-kernel, I learned a lot but not enough to
hack the buffers/cache functions in the kernel (at least not better than
2.2.8 ;-). I could not find Linux buffers management documentation
although I spent a lot of time. I am _almost_ sure they do not exist.

> Most people assume someone else (with better knowledge) will answer.

That's the hard pointer for newbies here...

> That points to "don't understand the buffers/cache stuff". I could list
> some people that do understand it, but they are busy. :-(

I just needed something like "if you want to select buffer victims, check
xxxx, if you want cache victims, check yyyy. That's all, perhaps something
like "xxxx and yyyy are called by zzzz when a=b" could help a lot. Just
few lines.

It seems you could provide this pointer...

> Translation is often welcome. (documentation, error messages, menus...)

Don't let me down :-(

Best regards,

Ricardo Galli

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