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    SubjectRe: Sound problems in 2.2.7 and 2.2.8?
    Tim Smith wrote:
    > I've been seeing random sound failures with 2.2.7 and 2.2.8. I ran 2.2.1
    > for a long time with no such problems. The problem is sound stops working,
    > and I get "kernel: Sound error: Couldn't allocate DMA buffer" in my logs,
    > or "kernel: DMA memory shortage. Temporarily falling back on virtual DMA".
    > It usually works if I try again a little later, although once it remained
    > broken until I rebooted.
    > Anyone else see this? I'm using a SoundBlaster 32.
    > --Tim Smith

    I'm using a SoundBlaster AWE 64 and had the same problem yesterday.
    After freeing the memory (closing all X-programs and the X-Server) sound was
    ok again.

    Rene´ Rebe

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