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SubjectRe: [Godwin] Re: Kernel Nazis/LinBSD (was Re: Slashdot shitheads)
On Thu, 13 May 1999 wrote:
> Yup, FWIW, I do have a copies of FreeBSD (and OpenBSD) running here.
> Nevertheless I am not a fan of the Cathedral development model.
> That does not mean that *BSD is a dirty word. It indicates
> only that *BSD is constrained by Cathedral thinking, IMHO.

No, what it indicates is that you don't know how FreeBSD is developed.
The absolute latest development FreeBSD is available via CVS. Nearly
everthing connected with FreeBSD development has a mailing list you can join.
Anyone can submit changes, which have to be committed by one of
approximately 150 people who have commit access to the CVS tree.

--Tim Smith

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