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SubjectAPM-related crashes + ext2 instability
My Olivetti laptop has undergone two scary crashes lately. The sequence
seems to be:
1. APM standby (suspend to disk works)
2. After coming back, the keyboard doesn't work anymore (though the mouse
still moves, which indicates X and gpm are still alive)
3. I can't reboot so I power-cycle the machine (I'll set up gpm to use its
"special command" feature someday, to be able to reboot with the mouse)
4. After rebooting, fsck gives me errors in some essential part of the
system (the time before it was libc, now it is /bin/rm and /bin/ls).

I don't quite understand 2. 4 makes me think ext2 is insecure when
rebooted ungracefully. However, I never had such problems with 2.0.x, even
when rebooted abruptly.

Regards, David

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