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Subjectnon removable files
Regarding my non removable files, a couple of people suggested I use
lsattr and chattr, this didn't work, here's what I get:

pr-SrwS-wT 1 1024 13879 0 Mar 10 2028 if_yfgreg.h
cr---w---- 1 26720 8192 109, 116 Oct 25 2008 pre-patch-2.2.5-1

[root@bitmap peg]# lsattr if_yfgreg.h*
lsattr: Invalid argument While reading flags on if_yfgreg.h

[root@bitmap peg]# lsattr pre-patch-2.2.5-1*
lsattr: No such device While reading flags on pre-patch-2.2.5-1

[root@bitmap peg]# chattr -i if_yfgreg.h*
chattr: Invalid argument while reading flags on if_yfgreg.h

[root@bitmap peg]# chattr -i pre-patch-2.2.5-1*
chattr: No such device while reading flags on pre-patch-2.2.5-1

[root@bitmap peg]# rm pre-patch-2.2.5-1*
rm: cannot unlink `pre-patch-2.2.5-1': Operation not permitted

Some one else suggested I try debugfs, so I'll try that next, but
I think I'll backup everything first :-).

Thanks for the help.

Paolo Galtieri Senior Software Engineer
Motorola Computer Group INTERNET:
2900 S. Diablo Way VOICE: (602) 438 - 3754
Tempe, AZ 85282

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