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SubjectRe: pardevice programming?
On Thu, 13 May 1999, Kev wrote:

> Where may I find information (supplemental to the source, of course)
> about writing device drivers that use the parport interface?

I've put together a document that describes the parport interface as I
hope it will be in 2.3.

The interface as it stands in 2.2 is really a subset of that. I'll send
you what I have in private mail, and let you know which bits you can
ignore for now.

Basically, 2.2's parport provides a claim/release mechanism for
port-sharing between devices, and access functions for manipulating the
parallel port hardware. There is, at least in part, the concept of
architecture independence in the interface, although it isn't perfect in
this respect. This is one of the things I hope to address in 2.3.


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