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    SubjectFIX top [was Re: strange idle%]

    > I was running top, and I noticed a very odd idle% pop up from time to time:
    > 11:03am up 11:04, 1 user, load average: 2.00, 2.00, 2.00
    > 36 processes: 32 sleeping, 4 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
    > CPU states: 0.4% user, 0.1% system, 99.4% nice, 428639.3% idle
    > ^^^^^^^^^
    > I'm running the rc5des client on both cpu's of my dual PII running 2.2.7.
    > Nothing bad has happened, but I'm curious as to whether this might be an
    > overflow in whatever file in /proc top get's its info from...

    Fix top. Top really lies about % idle: it computes it as 100-(%'s of
    processes it sees). That's WRONG. % idle should be get from % of idle
    process. Then, 100-(sum) could be reported as % unknown. Yes, %unknown
    happen: if gcc exits just before top runs, you have %'s for
    non-existent process and top does not see that %'s. It currently adds
    it to %idle which is wrong.


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