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SubjectRe: Sonicvibes troubles
Walter Hofmann wrote:

> I'm having trouble with my soundcard (s3 sonicvibes). After a view minutes
> of playing, the sound stops. Sometimes I can restart the playing,
> sometimes I cannot. This happens with x11amp and mxaudio (same binaries
> work fine on another system), so I think that this is the fault of the
> kernel.

Ho hum. You're on your own 8). I tried to find out what happens
and failed, in the end I added the lockup detection code, which at
least for me gets the chip started again. If you happen to
have a PCI analyzer that might be handy...

That chip seems to be quite buggy, and there's noone at S3 who
answers emails etc. And they seem to be totally uninterested
in that chip too, it's been out of production shortly after
production started, with no successor in sight 8)


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