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SubjectRE: The WHY's (RE: ide drive w/dma ... system crash)
On Tue, 11 May 1999, Guest section DW wrote:
> From: Dan Hollis <>
> I believe we could also generate a CHS blacklist, where the BIOS or drive
> are known to return bogus geometries.
> No - the bug is in the Linux kernel source, not in the BIOS.

Oh really? So the fact BIOS returns 16383,16,63 instead of 19650,16,63 is
not a BIOS bug? (Linux could *NOT!!* use the whole 10gb until I manually
passed in the CHS on the kernel command line).

Having a CHS table for this drive would have helped.

> And moreover, what if you blacklist Award BIOS?

You dont. The blacklist is a list of "CHS override values" for known
drives. Let us take this example.

Drive is a WDC AC310100B (~10gb). BIOS returns CHS that is completely
wrong. We know true CHS is 19650,16,63. So we override the BIOS and use
true CHS. Ta dah. We win, even though the BIOS is broken.

> It does not help you in the least - does not solve any problem.

Sorry, but it does.


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