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SubjectRe: [OFF TOPIC] Virtualizing x86 Hardware

> Recently I stumbled upon a vendor ( whose product
> supposedly virtualizes x86 hardware. They claim to support multiple
> concurrently executing instances of Linux, various flavors of Windows,
> Solaris, FreeBSD, BeOS, etc, all within a single x86 machine.
BeOS is not yet supported. but the rest should work...

> Does anyone on the list have experience with this stuff? I need a
> reality check.
i've been running two vm's with winnt4.0 and win98 on a pII/266 64mb
(slackware, kernel 2.2.2) without any problems. networking and sound work
very well. performance is as good as it gets when you run windows ;)

Bernd Markgraf Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg Germany

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