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SubjectRe: lockd SMP safe ? (problem with NFS on 2.2.x)
thomas@Cuivre.FR.EU.ORG (Thomas Quinot) writes:

> Dans mail.linux.kernel, Alan Cox écrit :
> >> "lockd : cannot monitor"
> >In other words doesnt seem to be running a lock daemon, or if
> >it is it wont talk to us
> I have noted the same problem with a 2.2.5 as client and another 2.2.5
> as server. The server seems to have a lockd process running, and I have
> found no informative error messages in the logs. What could cause a
> server's lockd not to be willing to talk to a client?

The lack of a statd daemon: that's what the above message means. Note
that both the client & server have to have one running...

In principle, the server can manage without a statd, but linux clients
always require one in order to work, so such a server would only
respond to non-linux clients.


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