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SubjectRe: Vesafb & less on console Bug ? and another problem

> Second Problem ( Or how to kill the ALT-Console Switch)
> I also see a slowdon of fbtv (the console version of xawtv) compared to
> older Kernels.
> ( But this could be a problem of the version of fbtv (2.34), though)
> But I can easily kill the ALT-F1/F2/F3... Console switch.
> Recipe:
> Start fbtv on Console 1
> Switch to Console 2
> Switch back to console 1
> There is ca. 1 second before the tv-screen comes back on my console.
> In that time try to switch back to console 2
> Bingo!
> You killed the alt console Switch.
> fbtv-Screen comes up and you cannot switch to another console
> anymore.

There's easier solution: lauch showkey.

So "this is not bug, it is a feature".

[Bad feature.]

PS: Linux should be improved quite a bit w.r.t. consoles and
security. Consider me loadkeys-ing dvorak keymap, then logging out,
then laughing at root trying to log in :-).

I'm really Pavel
Look at ;-).

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