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Subject[OT] [NEWS STORY] Crap on MSNBC
You can download the "Executive Summary" for free from
if you want to evaluate it for yourself, rather than letting MSNBC
think for you (unfortunately, too many people will...). Or you could
shell out $1000 and get the whole report, as well as the right to
annoy the author via a teleconference. Personally, I chose the

I think it's a good read. Their assessment was "tough but fair" in
many regards, and I think that linux came out in a relatively good
light. They seem to have deliberately taken a very conservative view
on what is "part of the OS," which is a double-edged sword... anything
that's not explicity part of RedHat 5.2 or Caldera OpenLinux 2.2 is
not considered official, but similarly, anything that is not available
from MS, HP, Sun, IBM, SGI, or Compaq directly is discounted (but
often mentioned) as well. They are also evaluating the "enterprise
computing" abilities of these OSes, rather than overall performance,
so the MSNBC story was a bit negligent in downplaying the fact that
the report is for a specific niche market.

Anyway, read the pdf document... it's much more interesting/relevant
than the MSNBC story.


- M

Mark "Monty" Montague | | I don't do Windows(tm)
DON'T PANIC! I'm a trained professional, and far more | *Why* question
qualified to panic in this situation than you are. | authority?

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