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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux - the never ending spam.
Richard Stallman wrote:

> Isn't there an anti-spam policy for this list? Can't we disallow people who
> grossly abuse it from further postings? I vote we do this. Meanwhile, to the
> spammer, please go away.
> The relationship between Linux and the system in which it is used is
> pretty closely related to the central topic of this list. So calling
> it off-topic is drawing a very sharp line. However, if that's what
> people want, I won't bring up the subject here if others don't.

"I didn't start it" is a pretty poor excuse. The point is that the subject is
clearly off topic and replying in context to the subject only serves to propagate
the spam not to impede it or even resolve the issue. Please stop.

> If people want to have a policy of banning people who bring up the
> topic of that relationship, I hope that policy will be applied fairly.
> I am confident that the people who manage the list would not apply
> such a policy in a biased manner, based on which opinion a person
> holds.

I completely agree. I desire this policy being implemented ASAP.

> But instead of that, I recommend a more general rule that people
> should be civil, no matter what the topic is, and never abuse or
> personally attack any other participant.

I don't consider insisting on a right to spam an already over crowded list as
being civil. FWIW, I've received several nasty emails from pro-GNU types who accused
me of being one sided in this debate. To be clear - I took no sides in this
non-issue. If someone posts a message on such an off-topic subject in the future I
hope people will simply control their passions and limit their response to simply
stating the item is offtopic and should be dicussed elsewhere - this is what I did.
That is the only way to stop this nonsense. Barring that, I think the list
moderators should start knocking people off for a good period of time.

thanx & later,

Ben Scherrey

PS: This is the last thing I have to say about the subject.

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